Privacy Policy

Overview of Knowblet's Business

Knowblet Data Sciences alleviates the risk of consumer fraud and reduces the cost of acquisition of new business from the South African consumer markets. Knowblet engineers into knowledge & social networks the data-extracts from global warehouses, CRM systems & Billing systems (data sinks) and recommits these datasets to stronger Authentication, Profiling and Fraud Detection Services. The circle completes with back office integration, before this process, named OpenDia™, continues. Marketing Intelligence, Direct Marketing, Credit Management and Fraud Centers are linked in with Knowblet via our collaboration and workflow tool named KDEServer™.

Based in Pretoria, South Africa, Knowblet is working to build a stronger South African economy by working data-extracts into business intelligence; as such we do not 'own' or 'use' consumer data for the acquisition of new business.

Privacy of Personal Information

Knowblet does not work with information concerning an individual's religion, sexual orientation, political affiliations, medical history or status. Knowblet does process, on behalf of our clients, personal information contained in the data-extracts from global warehouses, CRM systems & Billing systems for the purposes of Authentication, Profiling and Fraud Detection. Knowblet stores reference data that is relevant for the purpose of Authentication, Profiling and Fraud Detection and obtains this information from registered credit bureaus, education institutions and public records. Knowblet ensures that data retention policies are in complience with South African legislation and service level agreements governing the outsourced relationship with our clients.

Privacy of Users and personal information collected

When you register an account to become a Knowblet user, Knowblet collects information such as your name, email and password. We use cookies and other technologies to recognize you and customize your experience. We use this information to administer your account with us and send you service or promotional communications through email and notices on the Knowblet website. We will never share your information with third parties, without your consent.